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January to March

Read Below important information about First Round Assignments

Current Step

Countdown to Kindergarten makes registering your child for kindergarten in the Boston Public Schools (BPS) clear and simple! The easy to follow Countdown 5-4-3-2-1 Steps will guide you through the year-long process of visting and selecting schools, registering for school, meeting your assigned school, getting ready for school over the summer, and starting school in the fall. We also connect you to many fun social and learning activities and resources that you can share with your child to help him or her get ready to thrive in school. Remember, you are your child’s first teacher!

Countdown to Kindergarten offers you a range of informative materials to help you make your child’s kindergarten experience a successful one!

You can access our materials a number of convenient ways including:

  1. Downloading from the ‘Your Materials Library’
  2. Downloading from ‘PDF Materials’ in 'Quick Links'
  3. Have them mailed to you by clicking on ‘Request Info’ and completing the form

Special Notices

Please be aware that assignment notices are a bit delayed this year.

BPS runs the school choice algorithm after the completion of each registration period and sends school assignments by mail approximately six to seven weeks after the close of the period. These assignments are usually mailed in mid to late March. This year we are using a new Home-Based school choice system that makes every effort to help students attend quality schools closer to where they live. This month we have looked at demand from the first period and are adding some early-grade capacity to address this need. This has resulted in a delay; however, we expect assignment letters will be in the mail early next week. We have also extended the second registration period to Friday, April 4 so families have plenty of time to make different school choices if they want to make changes after receiving their assignment.


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